We are a legal practice that leads the way.
We are O’Reilly Stewart.

One of the leading law firms in Belfast and Northern Ireland, O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors specialises in the areas of Dispute Resolution, Healthcare Law, Employment Law, Property, Judicial Review, Banking, Corporate and Commercial Law and Licensing.

As you will see from reading the case studies and Solicitor profiles on our website, O’Reilly Stewart has proven expertise in resolving complex legal issues.  This firm is one of the strongest commercial and litigation practices in Northern Ireland.

We are the only law firm in Northern Ireland with a specialised Healthcare team dealing with medical negligence.

Surgery Claims

If you have undergone surgery and have suffered injury, loss, discomfort, pain, or long lasting health problems as a result ...

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The importance of making a Will

A Will is perhaps one of the most important documents you will ever sign.  It tells those you leave behind ...

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Employment law in Northern Ireland is fundamentally different to that of England and Wales, in respect of legislation, arbitration and ...

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O’Reilly Stewart are the leading licensing solicitors in Northern Ireland. As one of the few firms who truly specialises in ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility

O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors believe that we should play a positive role in our community and consider the environmental and social impact of our decisions. We are committed to creating economic, social and environmental value, and we endeavour to guide by these factors when making our business decisions. Practically that means that we try to donate our time and money to causes that are meaningful for our community. We nominate and support a charitable organisation on a annual basis and engage in fund raising for the charity throughout the year. Socially, we deal with diverse, responsible local suppliers and we support community initiatives. Our team engages and assists in the management and governance of voluntary organisations which play their part in our community. In our workplace, we try to improve our operational efficiency, reducing our environmental impact, by facilitating paper-light and paperless work, remote working, energy efficiency and reducing our waste.

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