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One of the leading law firms in Belfast and Northern Ireland, O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors specialises in the areas of Dispute Resolution, Education, Employment Law, Property, Judicial Review, Banking, Insolvency and Licensing.

O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors has become renowned for a long-standing commitment to maintaining high levels of customer service, each member of our professional staff has an impeccable academic background, as well as a personable, people-focused approach. Combining a breadth of legal experience and depth of expertise, O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors have become renowned as one of the strongest commercial and litigation practices in Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Surgery Claims

If you have undergone surgery and have suffered injury, loss, discomfort, pain, or long lasting health problems as a result ...

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Entertainment Licences

Entertainment licences are regulated in Northern Ireland by local councils. Any premises providing entertainment must have an entertainment licence or ...

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Wills And Probate

A Will is perhaps one of the most important documents you will ever sign.  It tells those you leave behind ...

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Employment law in Northern Ireland is fundamentally different to that of England and Wales, in respect of legislation, arbitration and ...

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“Thank you all for your hard work and support, we very much appreciated all that you did.”
“Stuart, thank you for everything. I will not hesitate to contact you again in the future if I require legal assistance of any nature.”
“I am delighted this is over for the family. You thanked me, but I am very conscious of the fact that it was you who personally drove this with vigour. A lesser advocate would not have achieved this result. Frankly my input was negligible – and indeed it was you who persuaded me (correctly) to adopt a more hawkish tone than I might have done. It should also be noted that it was you who pushed for the disclosure of the details of the timings of the notification of the abnormal LFTs to the ward – which was the killer blow for the Defendant”
Richard Porter, Expert Witness and Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
“Again, thank you so much for all your help over the last two years. It is as if a layer of stress has been lifted from us since the inquest has been completed! That is something at least and you have exposed the lack of care provided to S and the poor staffing at Daisy Hill which is what we wanted from the outset. Thank you”
Pattie and Paul
“Undoubtedly one of the very best Med. Neg. lawyers in the U.K. Extremely bright, efficient and thorough, leaving no stone unturned in his quest for justice for his clients. I have enormous respect for him”
Richard Pearse Expert Witness, Consultant Neonatal Paediatrician
“Just a little note to express our deepest gratitude for all your professional and personal endeavours throughout our legal journey towards final answers for us and compensation for J. It is a long time since I first met you, about seven and a half years, with little to go other than my statement, gut feeling and a lack of transparency from the health professionals. Thank you so much for not quitting on pursuing the truth…for such a positive and life changing result. You were too kind in your praise for my help with the case but the sentiment is much appreciated, as was your professionalism and utmost tenacity and attention to every detail…Deepest gratitude once again…”
Liz and Alan
“In particular I wanted to acknowledge Paddy’s extraordinary work over the past number of years in bringing a case which had lagged in the doldrums of representation to such a fruitful conclusion. When I first met (our expert) in London for consultation he informed me that Paddy was the single most outstanding solicitor on the Island of Ireland. We humbly concur. Oren and I collectively appreciated his capacity to call things straight, to be efficient to measure that puts some of our Wall Street colleagues to shame, and to maintain a sense of humour and good sense throughout. His deft fine-tuned analysis was always on the money… Oren and I particularly appreciated his personal support to us both as we travelled a road (by legal means) which involved much more for us than the application of rules and precedents to relevant legal facts We are in your debt…”
Fionnuala and Oren
Maeve Stella and Zoe
“Just a few lines to say a big thank you for your time and expert advice relating to my brother Martin’s sudden death. This has been a very painful and difficult journey but the sensitive and professional manner in which you advised us has helped us greatly in looking at things differently…”
Agnes Jill and Michael
“You displayed tremendous professionalism throughout and we were always confident we were in good hands. Mena and I are absolutely delighted with the outcome.”
Mena and Frank
“You will never know how much your commitment to my case has meant to me and my family. I am now able to move on from this, knowing that I was at least listened to and it was acknowledged that my treatment was not right. You always dealt with me honestly and treated my family with respect. Thank you so much for your hard work…you have restored my faith in the legal system and I didn’t think I would ever be able to say that…I will always remember your efforts”
“Just a little note to say thank you so much for all your hard work, the Judge was right to compliment you, you are very special and a great solicitors…”
Terry, Geraldine and Simon
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