O’Reilly Stewart Healthcare’s lawyers have an established reputation for advising and assisting individuals, their families, carers, controllers and trustees on a broad range of issues relating to the administration of Personal Injury Trusts, Periodical Payment Orders, capacity and controllership.

Where a client is compensated for a medical accident, there may be substantial funds awarded to the injured party.  Such sums require careful management, in co-ordination with other skilled advisers, in order to ensure that the care and support claimed as part of the personal injury action, is in fact provided and made available for the lifetime of the injured party.  Our lawyers have practical, in-depth and current ongoing experience in managing high value awards in both the Office of Care and Protection and the Masters Office (where the injured party is below 18 years of age).

Some of our clients lack sufficient capacity (by virtue of disability or minority) to manage the awards made to them.  Sometimes such awards are made by means of complex Periodical Payment Order.  In those cases we act, in collaboration with the Court officials, to ensure that the interest of our clients are protected and best served.  We work closely with both the individual and the family to establish long term and productive relationships.

Where a patient with capacity receives compensation following personal injury, we can assist by setting up a Personal Injury Trust as a means to ensure continued access to essential means tested benefits.

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