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£70,000 Compensation for Accident in the Workplace

O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors were instructed to investigate injuries sustained by our client Mr Z, following an accident at work, in February 2019. Dionne Darragh acted in this case.
On the date of the incident our client was employed in a temporary role as a lorry driver. Our client began his day by loading his lorry full of the upcoming deliveries and whilst closing a defective heavy rolling door, that required a lot of force to move, the door suddenly became loose, crushing and severing his right index finger in the vehicle’s doorway.
Liability was accepted yet concerns in relation to causation were raised. Our client was wearing gloves, as provided by his employer as the company’s personal protective equipment. He suffered a comminuted crush fracture, with partial amputation of the distal phalanx of his right index finger and underwent a terminalisation procedure with shortening of the bone at the tip of the distal phalanx, followed by specialist hand therapy.
As a result, our client was left with a 5mm shortening of his right index finger, which further led to a loss of sensation in this finger, our client describing the index finger as being akin to ‘a piece of wood.’
Unfortunately, due to the nature of our client’s injuries, he was unable to return to work for three months and was unable to return to graphic design or playing the guitar, piano and drums as he relied heavily on the use and skill of his hands. To this day he struggles to engage in playing music and is particularly grief-stricken in the deterioration of his graphic design skills.
Upon review of our medical evidence, gathered from Specialist Consultant Plastic Surgeons, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Occupational Therapists, the Defendant’s Solicitors placed a lodgement in the court for £60,000.00 in relation to general and special damages sustained by our client.
Further negotiations with the Defendant’s Solicitors, in relation to our client’s psychiatric injury and loss of amenities proved successful as the case settled for £70,000.00 inclusive of CRU.
At O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors, our team strive to obtain the best outcome for our client, taking into consideration past, current, and future losses and the impact these may give rise to in all aspects of life. Accidents at work require in-depth investigations, attained by our team’s built-up basis of experience and expertise, as portrayed in this case.
-Client’s Testimonial-
“Thank you and I will recommend you for all of my friends.”


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