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£35,000 Settlement for Broken Foot Following Tripping Accident

O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors were instructed to investigate injuries sustained by our client Ms JL, following a Tripping Accident, in March 2019. Dionne Darragh acted in this case.
On the date of the incident, Ms JL was on a jog around the Connswater area, later in the evening. The area was poorly lit and as she approached a corner, the surface of the kerb was uneven, causing her to trip and fall onto her right ankle. She suffered a fracture at the base of the fifth metatarsal and as a result was placed in a walking boot for over 24months.
This had a profound effect on Ms JL’s ability to carry out everyday tasks, such as driving or exercising, exacerbating her reliance on the support of others.
Once liability was admitted, O’Reilly Stewart gained independent medical evidence from Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologists, Consultants in Emergency medicine and Intensive Care Medicine and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons. Ms JL’s injuries were examined in detail, giving comment to her injuries at the time of the consultation and providing a prognosis on any  future symptoms that she might experience as a result of the incident. It was concluded that Ms JL was left with a ‘bony step’ and developed post-traumatic arthritis from the fracture, subjecting her to ongoing daily pain and discomfort, an attribute she would have to learn to live with.
Proceedings were issued and the case was listed for hearing in the High Court. The Defendant’s Solicitors served a remittal application to move the case down to the County Court. The Defendant did not proceed with the application and following lengthy negotiations, an offer of £35,000.00 was put forward and accepted  in advance of the hearing to settle the case.
This case portrays the steadfast commitment O’Reilly Stewart maintains in order to achieve the best settlement possible for the client, thoroughly investigating in full, the impact of each individual case.

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