O’Reilly Stewart are proud sponsors of the Belfast Chapter, Harley Davidson. Our dedicated motorbike injury team, headed by Dionne Darragh, Director, a keen biker and Ladies of Harley member, is best placed to fight your case.

We know only too well the common allegations of speed and careless driving made against bikers. In our experience however, most motorbike accidents are caused by negligent car drivers!

What we will do for you

  • We understand how important it is to get you back on the road. We will help arrange repairs and a replacement bike/hire at the outset.
  • We also appreciate how expensive bike gear is and if your bike is customised, the additional costs of parts, or Sat Nav/audio equipment systems and panniers. Where possible, we will request an interim payment to recover this outlay.
  •  We will also liaise with all Insurance Companies & the PSNI on your behalf.
  • As most motorbike accidents involve serious injuries or liability disputes, if necessary, we will arrange Accident Reconstruction as soon as possible. A report will then be prepared on your behalf, outlining the accident circumstances, as per your instructions and the evidence available, if any. Photographs of the damage to your bike and from the scene will be relied upon.
  • We will also arrange assessment of the injuries sustained to quantify the level of compensation you are entitled to and will assess any past or future loss of earnings and/or care needs.

Contact us to request a copy of our bespoke Rider Record – designed to assist our clients in recording important accident details.

If you have been involved in a motorbike accident and would like advice from a Solicitor, please contact our team

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