Cycling has become an increasing popular activity in respect of cycling for leisure as well as more competitive sportive cycling. While not as advanced as many other European countries, drivers here are becoming increasingly aware of cyclists on the road. Unfortunately, however, accidents involving cyclists and drivers do happen, and the consequences for the cyclist tend to be significantly more severe than for the driver.


Examples of Cycling Accidents

Accidents to cyclists can occur in many forms, with some common examples as follows:

  • Vehicles not leaving a cyclist with sufficient room, or clipping a cyclist while passing;
  • Drivers not checking their blind spots, particularly with larger vehicles;
  • Drivers opening car doors without seeing a passing cyclist;
  • Injuries can occur where roads are in poor condition, such as potholes being present. While irritating for drivers, a pothole can cause serious injury to a cyclist traveling at speed.

O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors has an experienced Personal Injury litigation team, many of whom are keen cyclists and understand the nature of the sport.  We have successfully recovered compensation for cyclists involved in accidents on the road. We have recently sponsored the Cycling Ulster Team Kits highlighting our commitment to assisting cyclists throughout Northern Ireland.


What can you claim for?

While often the personal injury is the most serious concern, damage can be caused to a bike or a piece of equipment. Experienced cyclists know that cycling equipment can be expensive, with road bikes stretching to the many thousands of pounds, not to mention the sophisticated GPS systems often attached to the bike. You may have audio equipment attached to your bike. If an accident does occur, damage to a bike can be expensive to repair. At O’Reilly Stewart, we are conscious of this and will assist you in recovering the costs of any repairs to your bike or any other equipment. This will ensure you are back on your bike as soon as possible.


What to do if you are involved in an accident?

While it is often difficult to remember what to do when faced with the unfortunate circumstances of an accident, we recommend you do the following if possible:

  • Stay safe – if you are still on the road, if possible make sure to get yourself off the road and out of the way of further danger;
  • PSNI – it is important to report the accident to ensure there is an accurate record of the parties involved, and how the incident occurred;
  • Third Party details – while we recommend getting as many details as possible, it is especially critical to note down the Third Party’s name, address, and vehicle registration number. With this information, we can identify the relevant insurance company for the Third Party;
  • If there are any witnesses, try to get their details;
  • If you have a camera phone with you, take photos of the damage to the vehicle / your bicycle, and any other photos which will help us understand the nature of the collision. These photos can be uploaded directly to our App which is available from the App Store.


What we can do for you

In our experience, most cycling accidents are caused by negligent car drivers. As vulnerable road users, the law tends to support cyclists and where there is a collision with a car, the cyclist is generally the innocent party. Obtaining early legal advice from our specialist team of Solicitors is vital to your case. Upon receipt of instructions, we will explain, at no cost to you, how all issues relating to the accident will be resolved.  In particular, we will:

  • Liaise with all Insurance Companies & PSNI
  • Assist with Bike damage & outlay recovery
  • Arrange Accident Reconstruction
  • Recover Personal Injury Compensation
  • Recover Loss of Earnings

Cycling can be great fun and helps you stay healthy, whether you are competing in professional or amateur sportives or simply cycling to and from work. If you have been involved in a cycling accident and would like advice from a solicitor in Northern Ireland, please contact us on 02890321000 or by email at

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