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Treatment of Non-Covid Patients – Medical Negligence in Care

26 June 2020

As many will have read in the media, concerns continue to be expressed in relation to the opening up of healthcare services for non-covid patients who are at risk of serious harm or death if they cannot access them. We have received calls from patients and their next of kin where such lack of access is being implicated in adverse outcomes and we are hearing from organisations throughout the country that they too are witnessing queries such as this.  The media has focused , in recent times, on the delayed presentation of patients to cancer services and the delay in affording care when presentation occurs, with predictions now being made that the risk of adverse outcomes has increased significantly. Likewise problems and difficulties are being reported in other services including cardiology, strokes, neurology and others.

If you have any concerns that you or a family member has suffered from negligence, then  please contact us and we can discuss how best to have your concerns answered.

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