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Residential Care Planning

1 November 2019

In the UK and Ireland, there has been a significant increase over recent years, of people who require elderly care in later life. Whilst people are living longer, a significant number live with long-term medical conditions that give rise to an increased need for care.


Requirements for elderly care can be varied, however there are key financial implications to consider; elder care can often eat up your life savings, leaving little or nothing for the family to inherit. This is particularly relevant where elderly people move into a residential care home, as their family home may have to be sold in order to pay the care fees. With this in mind, it is essential to start making plans for the future as early as possible in order to protect your interests.


If you or a loved one wishes to discuss the provision of elder care, O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors can provide you with the practical, confidential advice you need to make the right decisions. With a dedicated team that specialise in residential care planning, we will advise you on the current legal position in relation to residential care, as well as your Local Authority’s policy on care fees, and the upper and lower limits of capital allowed to be retained.


When making plans for later life, no one likes to think about losing their ability to manage their affairs. However, an Enduring Power of Attorney enables you to choose a person, called an attorney, to manage your property and affairs, and who can continue to do so in the event that you become mentally and/or physically incapable of managing your own affairs. At O’Reilly Stewart, we will provide you with clear advice in making an Enduring Power of Attorney, so that you can give your instructions whilst you are of sound mind, in the knowledge that someone you trust can make important decisions on your behalf as quickly as possible in the event that you become unable to do so. No one knows what is around the corner, but an Enduring Power of Attorney will give you peace of mind that your interests will be looked after as you wish.


Contact Judy Rose or Oonagh Murdock to discuss this further.

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