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Recall of patients – Cervical smear test

14 June 2018

Have you been affected by the recent recall of patients?

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It has been reported that approximately 150 tests were not carried out properly at two GP practices in County Antrim.  The initial tests produced negative results but it appears that the Public Health Agency (PHA) has recommended that the cervical smear tests are redone to verify the findings.

Whilst it is hoped the initial tests were accurate, if not, this could result in a delay in diagnosis of a more serious condition, preventing treatment and potentially effecting the overall outcome for the patient.

Our Healthcare Team at O’Reilly Stewart specialises in medical negligence cases.  If you have been notified that your cervical smear test results were incorrect, resulting in a potential delayed or misdiagnosis, please contact our Dionne Darragh to discuss further.

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