Preparing your property for valuation

3 January 2019

If you’re preparing your house for an estate agent to value your property then it’s a no-brainer that you should have it looking at its most presentable. Below are some tips on how to get a top valuation.

Don’t neglect the exterior!

The outside of a home is significant as this is the ‘shopfront’ to your property and will ultimately shape the valuer’s first impressions. Gardens and outdoor areas should be kept clean and tidy. Home-owners should take particular care in maintaining their lawns, ensuring that hedges have been trimmed and any weeds have been removed from flowerbeds and pathways.

You should also consider whether any repair works or improvements are required for the exterior and indeed interior of your home before obtaining a valuation. For example, does the property require any painting or maintenance?

Showcase your home

You should ensure that your home has been de-cluttered and tidied before valuation. It is imperative that valuers are able to view the entirety of a property.

Home-owners can create a warm, welcoming and homely environment by simple acts such as brewing coffee, having bright plants in outdoor areas or by their front door and a vase of fresh flowers on display.

Further, special care should be taken to ensure that all surfaces within kitchens and bathrooms are kept in a clean condition.

Point out hidden benefits

Some of your home’s most useful features may not be immediately obvious – like new wiring, new roof, extensive insulation or underfloor heating. That’s why it is important to be on hand when the valuer arrives so that you can point out these noteworthy extras that can enhance its value.


Before having your house valued it is vital that you allocate some time for research.

Home-owners should research the local property market, sourcing evidence of prices of similar properties which have sold recently in their area. Equally, it is worthwhile taking note of similar properties currently for sale in your area and how much they are on the market for.

Before deciding which Agent to use, you should consider obtaining a few different valuations. Whilst it can sometimes be tempting to go with the highest valuation, it is important that you chose an Agent who is active in the local market and is experienced selling properties similar to your own in order to maximise the selling potential of your property.


In order to prepare well for valuation it is important to ensure that you are organised with all relevant documentation set aside for the Agent.

Relevant documents include a copy of your property’s building plans and rates notice. The seller should also inform the valuer of any alterations or improvements which have been made to the property and the costs incurred in carrying out such works.

It is also beneficial to have a list of questions prepared which you would like to ask the Agent during their visit.

  1. How much will their service cost?
  2. Can they arrange and carry out the viewings?
  3. Will they advertise your property on all Northern Ireland property websites?

You may also have your own questions applicable to your property.


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