Claims in respect of negligence in the provision of dental care have increased in recent years.  With the decline of NHS care and the increase in private provision, patient expectations and treatment standards have risen.  On occasions, however, treatment can and does go wrong.

When dental care is negligent, the cost of remedial care can run into many thousands of pounds.  Common claims in relation to dental surgery include failing to obtain from a patient an appropriate informed consent, substandard treatment leading to tooth loss, nerve damage, implant failure and problems associated with orthodontic care.

O’Reilly Stewart Healthcare lawyers have many years experience of investigating and prosecuting claims associated with dental negligence.  We have recovered, on behalf of our clients, significant compensation in relation to their loss and damage, and have ensured that they are in a position to fund remedial dental care were appropriate and necessary.

If you have suffered injury and loss by virtue of misdiagnosed or delayed diagnosis, please contact us by phone on 028 9032 1000 for free advice about making a claim.

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