One in four women will be referred to a breast clinic during the course of their lifetime.  Whilst large numbers are referred for screening, only a small percentage of women will actually be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Undetected, and untreated, breast cancer progresses from local disease to systemic disease by well recognised stages.  Whilst the presentation in a breast cancer patient is of non-specific, what is required, in each case, is that a proper process is followed in order to reach a diagnosis.  That process is the “triple assessment”; physical examination, breast imaging, and cytopathology.

Where errors occur in respect of your care, these are attributable to failures in diagnosis and treatment.  A clinically benign lump may not be referred, a mammogram may be misinterpreted, a biopsy may be inadequate.  Whatever the reason, if there has been a delay, misdiagnosis or mistreatment in your case, then this may have implications for you, and your family, in terms of your further treatment and your prognosis.

The solicitors of O’Reilly Stewart Healthcare have many years of experience in investigating and prosecuting claims in relation to the delay in diagnosis and mistreatment of breast cancer.

If you have suffered injury and loss by virtue of misdiagnosed or delayed diagnosis, please contact us by phone on 028 9032 1000 for free advice about making a claim.

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