Accident And Emergency Claims

The A&E Department provides the first point of contact between the healthcare provider and the acutely unwell patient.  When treatment goes wrong, the errors can be disastrous and can have profound consequences for the patient and for their family.

Mistakes in A&E can occur due to diagnostic errors and/or treatment errors across the range of services offered by the Emergency Department including surgery, resuscitation and medicine.  Common claims arise from missed fractures and dislocations, missed cauda equinas, neurological and vascular complications of fractures and dislocations, retained foreign bodies, head injuries including subarachnoid haemorrhage, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis and abdominal injuries including appendicitis, obstructed bowel and ectopic pregnancy.

O’Reilly Stewart Healthcare lawyers have many years of practical, hands-on, relevant experience in managing claims on behalf of patients who have met injury and disaster as a consequence of Emergency Department treatment.

If you have suffered injury and loss by virtue of misdiagnosed or delayed diagnosis, please contact us by phone on 028 9032 1000 for free advice about making a claim.

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