Collaborative Law

The Collaborative Process applies to several areas of dispute, involving employment, construction and civil cases. This option is available to parties who wish to resolve disputes and all issues between them without court intervention to ensure the future well being of both parties, particularly in areas where the parties are likely to have continuing relationships after current conflict has been resolved.

In particular, O’Reilly Stewart specialise in Collaborative Divorce which avoids the negative impact of lengthy litigation upon marriage breakdown, avoiding contentious and expensive court proceedings. The Collaborative Process provides an alternative method of regularising parties financial affairs and plans for the welfare of children. It ensures both parties’ Solicitors are present during the negotiation process, ensuring the process stays balanced and productive.

The Collaborative Process will not suit all cases and will fail if there is evidence of misrepresentation or withholding of information. Accordingly professional advice should be sought when deciding whether collaborative practice is the best option for each individual case.

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