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Patients Recalled at Belfast Trust

1 May 2018

News has emerged that 2500 patients of Dr Michael Watt, a Neurologist, have been recalled over concerns of potential misdiagnosis and mistreatment.  Multiple patients have been contacted by the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust offering them an opportunity to seek further clinical care and review The recall was announced following a review of patient notes by the Trust and by the Royal College of Physicians. The Consultant is not currently treating patients.

We rely upon medical professionals to listen to us, conduct appropriate tests and examinations, and provide us with a timely and accurate diagnosis.  Whilst the vast majority of such interactions are conducted to the highest standards, regrettably mistakes are made, diagnoses are delayed or, worse still, missed altogether.  In such circumstances, the consequences can be profound and life changing.  If you or your loved one’s illness or injury has been mistreated or misdiagnosed, our healthcare team will help you.  We have the experience and capability to determine what happened and whether there is liability.  We have assisted hundreds of patients over the years who have suffered medical mishap and misadventure by virtue of delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis.  If you have suffered injury and loss by virtue of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, please contact Patrick Mullarkey or Joe Moore on 02890 321000 for free advice about investigating the matter.

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