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Patients Contacted Over Contraceptive Implant

15 January 2021

It has been reported in the media that more than 700 women have been contacted by the Belfast and South Eastern Health Trusts about contraceptive implants inserted over the past 3 years.

It appears the investigation arose following reports a patient realised she was pregnant, despite the implant.

The contraceptive implant is placed under the skin in a woman’s arm and is considered 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.  It appears from media reports that the investigation is reviewing the procedures followed by a specific Doctor regarding the fitting of the implant.  If this leads to a need for removal of the implant, the patient may require a local anaesthetic for the procedure.

O’Reilly Stewart Healthcare Solicitors act regularly on behalf of victims of negligence in medical care, and are actively involved in several cases relating to fertility and contraceptive care.  If you have been affected by this investigation or have any concerns regarding medical treatment, do not hesitate to contact our Healthcare team who will be happy to advise you and guide you through the process.

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