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Legislative reform to aide economic recovery?

25 February 2021

The Minister for Justice in the Republic of Ireland has announced plans to reform licensing laws in the country in an effort to boost economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic when restrictions are lifted later this year.

The plans would see nightclubs allowed to open later and Sunday opening hours extended, while the plan would also make it easier for cultural venues such as theatres, galleries and exhibition centres to get licences.

Northern Ireland’s own licensing laws are already on the cusp of reform with a draft Bill currently making its way through Stormont. Changes here will also see extended opening hours at weekends and the removal of the existing restrictions around serving alcohol during Easter.

The proposed changes would undoubtedly assist the process of recovery for licensees and in the event that a roadmap to reopening is announced, our politicians will no doubt come under pressure to hasten the passage of the Bill through the various hurdles at Stormont.

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