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Jaxon McVey Inquest – Family Statement

14 November 2022

On 11th November 2022, in Banbridge Courthouse, Coroner Dougan announced her verdict in respect of the stillbirth of Jaxon McVey on 26th May 2017, some 5 years and 7 months after the date of Jaxon’s death. Jaxon’s parents, Christine McCleery and Marty McVey were in court to hear the narrative verdict, accompanied by their solicitor, Patrick Mullarkey of O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors.

In finding that Jaxon had died when his birth became obstructed by reason of shoulder dystocia (the baby’s shoulder impeded delivery, becoming stuck on his mother’s pelvic bone), the Coroner made comprehensive findings that Jaxon’s death was both “foreseeable and preventable” on the basis of the evidence that she had heard during the course of the Inquest which proceeded before her for 5 days commencing 24th October 2022.

In response to the verdict, Christine and Marty have issued the following statement:-

“Our lives have been on pause for so many years, waiting on this day to come, waiting for answers and a clear understanding to why our beautiful son is not here with us today.

Jaxon would have been a happy 5-year-old little boy now, in school and getting excited for Christmas

His little life was over before it started, and as parents missing their child, that pain will forever be unbearable.

We have been certain from very early stages of this life changing journey that his death was avoidable and preventable, had he been in the care of the right people, in the right place.

It is so important to us for the root causes to be acknowledged and for Jaxon’s story to be a reason for crucial changes to Free Standing Midwifery Led Units, to prevent future risk and adverse outcomes to babies and parents.

We really hope the findings of this inquest today enforce a difference to the care being provided at these units”.



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