International Women’s Day at O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors

8 March 2024

On International Women’s Day, O’Reilly Stewart are proud to have a legal team that is 81% female, including Directors, Associates, Solicitors, Trainees, Paralegals, and Secretaries.  We have many talented and accomplished women within our firm who serve as role models and mentors for the next generation of females and their dedication, leadership, and expertise inspire us all to strive for excellence and work towards a more inclusive and equitable future within the legal field.

We as an organisation are actively investing in young female talent, evidenced by our three trainees Nadine Horgan, Emer Megarity and Jane Connolly who are working hard towards their Solicitor qualification at the Institute of Professional Legal Studies.

Recently Director Seamus McGranaghan recently took part in a podcast with Legal Island discussing something that will happen to all women one day – menopause. Women make up nearly 50% of the working population in Northern Ireland and with the change in pension age, it’s likely that more women will be working later into life. So, employers need to consider how they can support women in the workplace, so they can hold on to their experienced staff members.

Today we encourage all firms to appreciate the woman who work for them and actively seek to ensure diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

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