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Coronavirus and a safe return to office working

19 July 2021

Our Employment Law Director Seamus McGranaghan spoke to the Newsletter today about the legal implications surrounding the return to office based working.

Seamus said: “Northern Ireland’s guidelines will be different than those in England from 19 July, and appropriate steps should be taken in advance of the return to offices, be it a phased return or a hybrid model. While the implications will not be relevant to all sectors, risk assessments will inform company policies around social distancing and mask wearing, with procedures in place in the event of a positive test.”

“We have seen cases in England where only those employees who have been vaccinated can return to the office. Careful consideration is therefore needed around staff inoculations and the equality issues that may arise. These include sex discrimination for pregnant employees, disability discrimination for someone unable to take a vaccine due to medical reasons and religious or philosophical belief due to contents of vaccines.”

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