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Patient recovers £45,000 for acute kidney injury

O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors acted on behalf of a patient who suffered an acute kidney injury as a consequence of allegedly substandard medical care.  The patient originally developed swelling and discomfort in her leg due to insect bites.  She was admitted to care and commenced on medication, Vancomycin.  Vancomycin is a powerful antibiotic which is known, in certain cases, to present a risk to kidney function.  As a consequence, the levels of the drug should be monitored.  In this patient’s case, the levels were not monitored and treating medical staff belatedly became aware that the patient’s renal function had deteriorated.  The patient developed a kidney injury which was secondary to the use of the medication.  Renal function continued to deteriorate necessitating transfer from the local Hospital to another Hospital for specialist treatment.  The patient was obliged to undergo dialysis on 4 occasions and spent an extended period of time in Hospital.

Thereafter recovery was prolonged and interfered with the patient’s ability to undertake work.  In addition to the physical injuries sustained, the patient also suffered upset and distress by reason of the injury.  Consideration of the case by an appropriate expert determined that the patient had suffered an acute psychiatric reaction, namely an adjustment disorder, from which happily a good recovery was made.

The patient instructed Patrick Mullarkey of O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors to act in this matter.  Upon receipt of instructions, we notified the intended Defendant, the healthcare provider, of the potential of a claim.  Medical evidence was commissioned from various Clinicians and was shared with the representatives acting on behalf of the healthcare provider.  After discussion and negotiation between the parties, the case was settled, with the agreement of the patient, for a total payment of £45,000 plus full costs.  This payment was secured without the need for formal legal proceedings, the settlement having been negotiated on a without prejudice basis.

Our client comments “… I am very grateful for your support. and you did a great job holding me together through this.  You probably know already I was not overly comfortable with this process and I am glad it has been resolved in the way it has…”.

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