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£7.5 Million Compensation Recovered for Workplace Fall Injuries

A construction worker who sustained catastrophic injury as a consequence of a fall which occurred
during his work on 6th September 2016 has recovered £7.5 million damages in relation to the injuries
and the financial loss which arose by reason of the accident.

The injured party, an overseas national, was working at a height, on farm buildings, installing solar
panels when he was caused to fall through the roof, sustaining catastrophic and permanent personal
injuries. Our Client sustained a complete spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia. The Plaintiff is now
wheelchair bound and suffers severe neurological impairment. He has motor paralysis and sensory
loss in both legs. He has neurological bladder and bowel injury, sexual function impairment, and
reduced fertility. In addition to the serious spinal injury, he also sustained injury to ribs, his sternum,
and his skull. He suffered an acute traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage, frontal right lobe contusion,
and skull lacerations. This has resulted in a mild cognitive deficit.

The Plaintiff suffered a significant loss of amenity arising from his injuries as a consequence of the
carelessness of his employer. He previously played rugby, cricket, and golf. He participated in
various activities including shooting, swimming, water sports including lifesaving. By reason of the
injuries sustained, our Client is now severely limited in the scope of the activities that he can now

Since the date of the accident the Plaintiff and his family have returned to their original home
overseas. He has engaged in rehabilitation and has shown remarkable resolve in returning to the
workplace, albeit on part-time hours.

Patrick Mullarkey of this office was instructed to act on behalf of the Plaintiff. We undertook a detailed investigation of the injuries sustained by the Plaintiff, securing medical evidence from experts in spinal injury, rehabilitation, colorectal surgery, urology, psychology,psychiatry, neuro-psychiatry, pain, fertility, radiology, and neurology.

Having completed the investigation of the injury, we then obtained a suite of evidence addressing the financial loss suffered by our Client including, but not limited to, past and future loss of earnings, future loss of pension contributions, additional care costs, loss of care giver’s facility, aids and equipment, physiotherapy and associated costs, psychology costs, neuro-psychiatry costs, pain management costs, hand therapy costs, bladder management treatment costs, nephrology costs, colorectal surgery and associated costs, fertility costs, dietician costs, podiatry costs, additional travel costs, additional vehicle costs,additional holiday costs, additional heating costs, accommodation costs, and loss of services.

After investigation of the case, proceedings were issued on behalf of our Client in the High Court of
Justice in Northern Ireland. Proceedings were listed for hearing. In advance of the date of hearing,
the parties agreed to engage in mediation with a view to disposal of the proceedings. An experienced
Mediator was engaged on behalf of the parties, and happily settlement was agreed in the above noted
terms, to include payment of the Plaintiff’s full costs.

Commenting upon the settlement, our Client says “Paddy, I need to thank you for everything you have done, amazing work! And, I have no way of expressing how great you have been! Sarah, Harry and I thank you very much for all your brilliant work in helping our family”.

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