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£62,500 Compensation for Injured Motorcyclist

O’Reilly Stewart were instructed on behalf of Mr H following a motorcycle collision in March 2020. Dionne Darragh acted in this case.
Mr H was riding his motorcycle on the Upper Newtownards Road when the other driver, pulled across his path, without giving way, to turn into a side street, instantaneously colliding with our client. Liability was admitted following pre-proceeding discussions and an interim payment was requested in the sum of £2,500.00, to represent his loss of earnings and damaged protective bike gear.
Mr H suffered several injuries, his most severe being to both wrists, as he sustained a bilateral wrist fracture, with the right fracture being extra-articular with some displacement and the left fracture being extra-articular and was taken to theatre for right and left wrist reduction. He also sustained a soft tissue injury to his back, a laceration to his left leg and minor injuries to his torso.
The healing process for his wrists proved particularly debilitating as Mr H was placed in two casts with futuro splints. This impacted heavily on his ability to perform day-to-day activities that would seem mundane to the average person. He relied heavily on the care of his partner to help him dress, cook, clean and tend to any personal care, describing the experience as ‘humiliating.’
Independent medical evidence was obtained from specialist consultant orthopaedic surgeons, consultant radiologists, consultant psychiatrists and consultants in emergency medical and intensive care medicine. The evidence obtained commented not only on the physical impact of these injuries but also the understandable, great deterioration in Mr H’s mental health as he ‘felt like a baby, not a man anymore.’ Mr H sustained a significant psychological injury arising as a direct result of the incident, suffering from sleep disturbance, reduced motivation, irritability, tearfulness, anxiety and anticipatory anxiety in respect of motorcycle riding. It was concluded that Mr H was suffering from a mild depressive episode over a prolonged period of 15-21 months.
In light of the medical evidence served on the Defendant’s Solicitors, we entered into joint settlement discussions and the figure of £62,500.00 was agreed in advance of the hearing to settle the case, inclusive of the interim payment already made.
As conveyed in this case, motorcycle accidents often entail greater injuries for the client and it is therefore of paramount importance to O’Reilly Stewarts to ensure the best result is obtained for the client. We strive to investigate and gather evidence to cover the client’s physical, mental and domestic impairments, in order to achieve the best settlement figure available.
-Client’s Testimonial-
“Dionne was fantastic from start to finish. I will definitely use O’Reilly Stewart in the future as a result.”

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