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Belfast Trust Patient Recall – Update June 2020

19 June 2020

O’Reilly Stewart Healthcare are at the forefront of the Belfast Trust Neurology Patient Recall. We represent a large number of former patients of Dr Michael Watt in respect of both private and NHS treatment. In most cases we have now obtained independent expert evidence and are progressing these cases through the Courts. We fully expect that a large number of these cases will succeed based on the independent expert evidence now being made available.

An individual has 3 years to issue proceedings in respect of a potential case in medical negligence. In many cases, the Patient will be able to rely on what is called a ‘date of knowledge’, which means that the 3 year period does not begin until the Patient had the requisite knowledge that he or she may have suffered  harm as a result of substandard care. In many of such cases, this date of knowledge will be in and around the time that the Patient Recall was announced on or shortly after April 2018. While many cases will still have some time before proceedings need to be issued, we are conscious that these cases require detailed and specialised investigation and therefore time is of the essence.

If you or any family member have a concern that you have suffered substandard care from Dr Watt, whether you were involved in the recall or not, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can protect your position in relation to any potential legal proceedings.

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